• Health and Productivity
  • Mitigating Risks
  • Sustainability
  • Economic Value

inteliGlas specializes in retrocomissioning buildings built before 2010. Our industry-leading integration teams and technologies enable us to successfully complete installations in days & weeks, without ripping or replacing hardware. This accelerates your ROI and minimizes interruptions for the building team and occupants.

“inteliGlas delivers the maximum added value that owners and buyers seek”

– David A. Parker, CEO/President, Chase Partners, Ltd

inteliGlas is the tool to uncover hidden building risks and huge growth opportunities.

A precise and thorough management edge, inteliGlas instantly shows what’s working and what’s broken or operating way-too-expensively. Mechanical risks, excess power consumption, and cybersecurity issues are immediately identified.

During the acquisition of a building, we use inteliGlas to isolate the right mix of capital expenses versus tenant improvement costs and the efficiency of both. Every level of operations and expense has a different rate of return and depreciation basis, both of which make a huge difference at the time of sale, especially with today’s historically low cap rates.

The bottom line: the invisible adjustments that inteliGlas identifies bolster and increase the building’s NOI, delivering the maximum added-value that owners seek.”

The technology behind inteliGlas is complex, but the business benefits are broad, substantial, and very easy to understand.

For Example:

  • In 2018 purchased an 85,000 Square Foot office building in Southern California for $10M.
  • In 2019 they installed inteliGlas and immediately identified componenents in the HVAC system that needed attention.
  • In three years (spanning the COVID pandemic), occupancy grew from 65% to 97%, with a 15% increase in rents.
  • While occupancy increased by 50% and utility rates grew by ~20%, inteliGlas reduced the building’s power consumption by 37%, saving over $120,000 per year, and holding overall expenses in check.
  • By 2023 the building’s Net Operating Income (NOI) had more than doubled from $600K to $1.5M (2.6x) and the buildings capital value grew from $10M to $21M.

inteliGlas enabled Chase Partners, LLC. to hold expenses while occupancy soared.

This led to a 2.6x increase in the building’s NOI and Capital Value.

inteliGlas contributed to an impressive ROI in a number of ways:

  1. Gave the building team an accurate picture of how well the building’s systems were operating and which components needed attention.
    • inteliGlas identified 47 VAV’s and 2 Roof Top Air Handlers that needed attention. This led to HVAC-related savings of over $650,000.
  2. Reduced the building’s power consumption by 37% from its benchmark in 2018.
    • inteliGlas’ performance was 2.1x better than the Department of Energy’s (DOE) average conservation value of 18%.
  3. Reduced the building’s carbon footprint by 73 Tons of CO2 per year.
    • This improves the owner’s ESG and environmental performance scores.
  4. Gave the tenants a greener, healthier, and more comfortable workspace.
    • Self-service temperature adjustment enables employees to be more comfortable (‘too-hot/too-cold’ are most common tenant complaints).
    • Excellent indoor air quality enhances the occupants productivity (even when wildfires were burning in the mountains nearby).
    • Real-time data and historical reporting documents the building’s air quality and emissions performance, which is valued by employees and investors.
  5. Gave the brokers a unique property to market enabling them to write leases with higher rents.
    • Brokers showed tenants how inteliGlas’ integrated tenant dashboard and utilization tools helped them to recruit higher-quality employees and manage today’s hybrid work environment.

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