“As Human Resource professionals we’re responsible for our firm’s employees.

With ‘back-to-the-office’ gaining speed, it’s critical that our employees feel healthier and more productive when they’re in the office. Increasingly the sustainability of the company and its workspaces are important for retaining our current staff, and for attracting new team members.”

inteliGlas delivers outcomes that matter to tenants and occupants:

Health and Productivity

  • Occupants are healthier and more comfortable with precisely maintained temperature and humidity, while minimizing the irritation of allergens and pollutants
  • Occupants are more productive by maintaining optimal CO2 and lighting levels
  • Occupants have greater confidence in the employer and the workspace based on real-time data and historic reports

Mitigating Risk

  • Real-time occupancy data provides better situational awareness for emergencies such as fires
  • Maintain security of spaces with optional Access Control
  • Protect & track assets with optional Asset Tracking

Economic Value

  • Higher employee productivity goes straight to the bottom line
    • More comfortable
    • More focused
    • Fewer distractions
  • Better employee retention and recruiting
  • Lower utility costs for Triple-Net leases
  • Insights from occupancy data enhances workspace optimization


  • Demonstrates the employer’s commitment to sustainability (a growing concern for employees)
    • Data transparency helps to avoid perceptions of greenwashing
  • Improves the environmental performance of employer’s organization:
    • Improves ratings (ESG)
    • Simplifies tracking & reporting on environmental performance
    • Facilitates certifications such as WELLv2 and EnergyStar
    • Supports compliance with environmental regulations