“As brokers, our job is simple: connecting buyers and sellers for leases, properties, and financing.

But in today’s fiercely competitive markets, we need unique products that fit our client’s specific needs, and we need to be able to demonstrate their value for decision-making.”

inteliGlas delivers outcomes that matter to brokers and their clients:

Health and Productivity

  • Differentiating the property and making it more desirable via:
    • Excellent indoor air quality
    • Occupant control over temperature and lighting
    • Higher employee productivity

Mitigating Risk

  • A property with fewer risks and interruptions, and lower repair costs is more valuable and easier to sell
  • Tenant Utilization tools create efficiencies in work operations

Economic Value

  • Buildings stand out in a crowded market
  • Buildings are easier to lease and sell
  • Higher perceived value for buyers
  • Faster transactions


  • Sustainability differentiates the property and makes it more desirable to tenants and their employees via:
    • Ease of tracking & reporting the building’s environmental performance
    • Higher ESG ratings and certifications such WELL V2, EnergyStar
    • Complying with building performance standards and environmental regulations