“We’re the business-side of the equation: we’re measured by the bottom line. And we’re being squeezed by an endless stream of challenges that include rising costs, falling demand, growing tenant expectations, a shrinking workforce, and an expanding body of environmental regulations and reporting requirements.”

Health and Productivity

  • Excellent Indoor Air Quality makes the property more desirable for tenants by enhancing their health and productivity
  • Self-service for temperature and reporting empowers tenants and increases comfort
  • Transparency and frequent communication improves trust and good will with tenants and occupants
  • Consistently clean common areas, enhances tenants’ sense of wellbeing

Mitigating Risk

  • Detecting equipment problems sooner & resolving them faster saves money and improves tenants’ experience
  • Reducing the potential for BMS CyberSecurity issues saves money and improves the tenants’ experience
  • “Keeping guys off ladders” reduces injuries and improves the building team’s experience

Economic Value

  • Higher NOI
  • Higher Capital Value
  • Lower OpEx
  • Higher Occupancy / Higher Rents
  • Faster “lease-up”
  • More cost-effective repairs and maintenance
  • Better equipment upgrade decisions
  • More productive building teams


  • Lower energy consumption and emissions are valued by tenants, occupants, and investors
  • Achieving building performance standards and environmental certifications such as WELL V2, Energy Star, makes the property more desirable
  • Real-time data and canned reports make Sustainability Reporting faster and easier