Beating the Costly Norm

Recently, an inteliGlas customer asked for our advice on the value of a specific software and hardware upgrade being proposed by the vendor of their current HVAC system. The manufacturer recommended a costly investment. Today, it is commonplace for HVAC providers to offer hardware updates linked with a software “upgrade” designed to increase the efficiency of their equipment. The price of the recommended upgrade was $80,000. Based on our analysis, we concluded that inteliGlas could accomplish the controls upgrade by installing a JACE device and having inteliGlas commission the items to be controlled through our platform—the total cost was $17,000 in software upgrades, without the need for other building-wide upgrades stated by the manufacturer. What sets inteliGlas apart in the “Smart Building” space is that we write code, commission existing devices, and use actual artificial intelligence to execute instructions, directly supporting building engineers.